This event is organized in partnership with

The objective of our meeting is to present a project to bring together local experts and stakeholders and to illustrate the activities of the initiative over the coming year. Some parts of the initiative is tied to personal data, as evidence for both Problematic Internet Use and (potentially) deceptive engineering through so-called “dark patterns”.

We will have the following participants:
* Prof. Yasser Khazaal, Service de médecine des addictions, Polyclinique d’addictologie, CHUV
* Dre. Sophia Achab, Behavioral Addictions program at the HUG.
* Paul-Olivier Dehaye, PersonalData.IO, NGO focused on data protection,
* Maurizio Arseni, Louis Poncet and Avital Denan, http://OffGridMe.Life, NGO mapping and analyzing the effects of the attention economy on our society;
* Hani Dabbagh has over 30 years of experience in the high tech industry with HP.

Additionally, someone from the leadership of MyData Global should join us.